Make an Appointment

What to expect.

Once you you have an appointment booked you'll visit, over the phone, with one of our staff members. They'll answer any questions you may have and calm any concerns. (we know this can be scary to try something new –but we promise you're going to love it!)

Next, show up to a class. Introduce yourself to the coach (they'll be looking for you) and they'll guide through the process.


People Love Us - See For Yourself

After only 1 month, I have thoroughly enjoyed the RxFit team and community and highly recommend their approach! For me personally, the workouts and nutrition guidance I have received have helped me lose nearly 9 pounds of fat and gained 2 pounds of muscle! They work! I also love the range of experience in the classes - there are those just starting their fitness journey all the way up to friendly veterans. Everyone is there to improve, and so it is easy to get to know others and support and encourage one another.

Micah Keith

Working with the RX fit team has been phenomenal! Getting into the six week program was the best thing I could’ve done for myself physically and mentally. In just six weeks I was able to lose 17 pounds and can completely feel the difference. The team atmosphere and workouts are amazing, and having a coach by your side each day is awesome!

Don’t be dumb, go to RX fit now!

Dallin Knudson

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