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Which Lifters Should I Buy?

Lifting shoes are flat and allow for little to no flex at all–except at the toes. Because these are made to only lift weights in, they are actually quite uncomfortable to walk around in. If you’ve ever worn a pair of lifters, you would understand why it’s

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Lifters: When to Use Them and Why

Weightlifting shoes (“lifters”) are flat with an elevated, hard heel. They are designed to help you get into better squatting positions. More specifically, they prevent your ankle from rolling in on a squat while spreading the force you’re pressing through on a wider surface of

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Week of June 5th (Preview)

This week, we have… Level Method Benchmark on Monday! Every class will be performing the “Weightlifting”, “Rings”, and “Row” assessments. This week is the 10th and final week of the olympic lifting cycle. You can expect more deadlifts and squats in the future. Metcon Mania

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2 Tips on Handstand Walking

Today’s workout calls for handstand walking. After you’ve practiced and developed a strong foundation in the static handstand, we can begin to practice walking upside-down in a handstand. Here are two cues to help you get better at walking on your hands: 1. Short & Choppy

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Preventing Hand Tears

Today, I have 1 Podcast, 2 Blogs, and 3 Videos for you on preventing hand tears. How to Prevent Hands From Ripping (blog) What Gymnastic Grips Should I Buy? (blog)

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WOD: Tuesday, May 31

Today’s workout calls for squat snatch waves. Snatch wave progressions are when you start light, build up in weight for a few sets, then drop it back down slightly before building up to a heavier weight than before. In today’s video, RxFIT’s Head of Fitness

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Metcon Mania 22.3: Swimsuit

Workout #3 for 2022’s Metcon Mania will be a descending couplet of assault bike and muscle-ups! Here’s the test: For Time:24-20-16-12Air Assault Bike8-7-6-5Ring Muscle Up(8-minute time cap) This will be the most fun of the four workouts, in my opinion. The tricky part, however, is

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Metcon Mania 22.4: Flip Flops

Workout #4 for 2022’s Metcon Mania will be a SPRINT! The test: Can you walk on your hands while breathing heavy? Here it is: For Time:20 Burpees to a Target (9’/8.3′)100-foot Handstand Walk(3-minute time cap) The “target” will be a 9-foot target for men and

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METCON MANIA 22.2: Tank Top

For 2022’s Metcon Mania, workout #2 will be Interval-style! Toes-to-bar and double-unders are important, but make no mistake… this workout is about the rope climbs. How fast can you go up and down a climbing rope? That’s the test. 2-2-2-3 of:15 Toes-to Bar100 Double-UndersMax Rope

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From No Meat or Weight Lifting to Moderation In All Things

A few days ago, I had a two athletes ask me questions about Karli’s role in RxFIT (Karli’s my wife). While she doesn’t participate in the day-to-day operations of the business, dinners at night are usually a conversation about something going on. Today’s podcast episode

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