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Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.

Today I hope to help you with nutrition. Of all of the studies, books, and articles I’ve read over the years, Michael Pollan is my favorite on the topic. Our view on nutrition at RxFIT, namely what it should look like and in what quantity

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The Difference Between Endurance and Stamina

At RxFIT, we believe there are 10 physical traits to fitness. The more competentant you are across these ten skills, the fitter you are. Stamina and endurance makeup two of these skills. But what’s the difference between the two? Stamina is the ability to continue to

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Why Are Benchmark Days so Busy?

The purpose of our leveling-approach to goal setting and workouts is to measure progress. A program is only effective when it improves performance. Therefore, you can’t measure a program’s effectiveness unless you are regularly testing and reviewing the performance data. At RxFIT, we have 15

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What Everyone Should Know About Sleep

You and I can’t begin to have a serious conversation about your health, especially on trying to improve it through nutrition and exercise, without first talking about sleep. Sleep, along with nutrition, is at the base of our health pyramid at RxFIT. “The physical and

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Make Every Calorie Count

A common saying we have in our nutrition program is, “The quantity of food you eat (in calories) determines your weight. The quantity of food you eat (in macronutrients) determines your body composition.” If you’re not experiencing the aesthetic adaptations you expect, it is worthwhile

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Week Preview: June 12th

Congrats to over 100 of you this week who PR’d your snatch, clean & jerk, or bench press. Amazing! Today concludes our last day to the 10-week weightlifting cycle. We will enter a deload week this upcoming week, before starting a heavy squat cycle. In

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Never Miss Two Days In-A-Row

It’s never “All-or-Nothing.” If you can adopt a “Never two days in-a-row” mindset, you’ll become fitter and ultimately healthier.

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Mechanics -> Consistency -> Intensity

Would you rather… Brush your teeth for 30 seconds each morning and night or, Brush your teeth once a week for seven minutes? In this “Would you rather” situation, you’re putting in the same amount of “work.” In both examples, you’re brushing your teeth for

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